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Races of Aiogara

Aiogara is a diverse worldspace, with four races, and many subtypes and ethnic groups. This page aims to give a basic overview on what these races are like, what separates them and what their life is like.


Humans are the cosmopolitan race of the world. Both free and enslaved humans exist on the three main continents. As the weakest, but most widespread race, they are often brought into conflict with the other races. Most humans speak Common Eiran, which has become the lingua franca of the races of the world. This is not transcribed or written in the books, as it's close to Standard English. Their native language is High Eiran, which is the older, more inflected register that is a relative of the Sinistral language, but this is not used for general communication, being used for decorative purposes, as well as liturgical purposes.

Humans have only a few ethnic groups that exist as a result of geographical differences:


Sinistrals are the sibling race to humanity, with a broadly similar phenotype to humans. They consider humans to be their sibling race. The real-world name derives from the word "sinister", in canon it is a corruption of ŝinorado (shin-no-rado), which is their eponym for themselves. They have a broadly similar physiology to humans, but display much wider sexual dimorphism. This results in sinistrals being easy to tell apart between male and female, with even male speech differing from female speech, when speaking their native language. They are long-lived, and are considered more intelligent than humans on average, which allows them to become far more wise over their lifetimes, which on average exceeeds a millennium, the longest of all the races.

Sinistrals have much faster metabolism than humans do, as a consequence of larger hearts, livers, and lungs. They require 30-50% more calories on average. This also means they're usually resistant to the effects of drugs and alcohol, moreso than humans, feeling nothing from tobacco, and taking much more alcohol to get intoxicated. Sinistral healing factor is less than that of humans, but doesn't generally leave scar tissue. They possess two magic sensing organs under their chin on either side, covered by skin. These organs will heat up in the presence of magic leakage, which happens with every spell.

Sinistral skin color is near consistent - an intermediate white-olive color. Their hair and eye color varies much wider, with blue, red, pink, grey, white, and all colors between for hair, and eyes being almost any color besides black. They do not grow facial hair. By far the most striking feature of the Sinistrals is their tattoo-like skin patterns. These are formed from birth and vary by sex. The females have rounded, organic patterns that can resemble vines, flowers and more, and males have fractal and geometric patterns. Each one is unique, like a fingerprint. The warpaint on their faces mimics these patterns on the rest of their body, and removal of it in front of others is seen as intimate for many castes.

Some Sinistrals practice consumption of humans, but this is not a universal practice and varies by culture and region. Due to a lack of humans in their realm, it is unknown how they obtain humans for eating.

Sinistral culture varies by caste, but by and large is patrilineal, females tend to be expected to take up merchant, innkeepers, homebody and other jobs suitable for their sex, where males are more likely to be sea-farers, engineers, warriors and mercenaries. However, they do not divide society, and there exist exceptions to each rule, with no prohibitions for those who choose their own path. Castes are genetically distinct subsets of sinistral society, and differ in appearance, dialect, culture, and geography, as each caste controls one of many closely linked islands in the sinistral archipelago. Regimentation in society makes them more than clans. A caste determines several traits of the sinistral, including their talents, weaknesses, physical appearance, and thus their general skill sets. The castes featured or mentioned in the books are:

Castes live on separate islands, but freely move between them via a network of bridges, canals and channels. The cities and large settlements of each island tend to be cosmopolitan and diverse. There does not exist untouchable castes, but some are considered inferior on the basis of usefulness and combat prowess.


Two types of elves live in Aiogara. One of them, the Lesser Elves, live on the northern continent of Tigrith. This is an unforgiving expanse of coniferous taiga, cold steppe, and tundra. The other, the Greater Elves live on the western temperate continent of Emerga, which is an expanse of plains, mountains, and small forests. It possesses a mild climate. Both varieties can use magic, and possess a connection to an esoteric layer of the world called the Aetherius.

Lesser Elves are distinguished from other elves by their skin tone, which is brown. They possess erect ears, and eyelids which glow blue at night to provide them with more light. The Lesser or Taiga Elves are a warrior race that enslave humans actively, and can sexually exploit humans without risk of pregnancy from either female humans or female elves. Lesser Elves live an average of 150-200 years, and their physiology is designed for large amounts of meat, blubber, and other foods, due to scarcity of arable land, fruit, vegetables or grains. They often possess beards, and mostly have grey or white hair. They possess tapetum lucidum to increase their night vision further.

Greater Elves, or Plains Elves, live in a more temperate climate than Lesser Elves, and have many morphological differences. They have pale skin, lop-ears, blue or green eyes and blond, silver or light brown hair. They are generally physically weaker than other races, but possess adaptations to improve resilience, such as support bones between their radius and ulnar bones, and their tibia and fibula. Their life expectancy is 300-400 years old, and they are generally considered more attractive among the other races. They do enslave humans, but they do not capture humans as slaves, their land had natural human villages at one point, and thus they have a stable slave population which is bred to maintain demand. Their magical abilities rival Sinistrals. They have a mostly vegetarian diet, consisting of vegetables, fruit, cheese, eggs, and other animal products, mostly harvested from livestock which are raised as pets.