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Aiogara: The Black and The White

The first in a series of books covering the story of the people of the world of Aiogara.

Auros is the newly appointed King of Eiran, the homeland of free humans. A trained soldier from childhood, he serves the will of the gods and his people. As part of a renewed campaign to unite humanity and restore their dignity, he declares war on the Sinistrals. Even if the Sinistrals have passed from fact into myth and legend, Auros and his master perform a teleportation technique which allows him to enter the Sinistral homeland. He confronts the King of Sinistrals, the King in Black. However, rather than violence, the King of Sinistrals proposes an alliance with humanity, turning the paradigm Auros had on its head. Along the way, Auros learns to trust his newfound allies, and struggles to help his people understand what he learns. A conspiracy quickly emerges and threatens humanity and sinistrals alike, which forces the two disparate peoples to set aside their differences and work to unite all of the races against the threats plaguing their lands.

Planned Release

Late 2019 or early 2020. Aiogara: The Black and The White will be available both as an eBook and in print under self-publishing.